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85% of Data Disasters Result in an Average Loss of $55,000.00 per incident.  Do you have a solution?”

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Your ROI of Imaging will be huge. Whether you find a document imaging specialist or purchase the perfect scanner for your office, document image scanning can save you money and heartache.

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Document Imaging Specialists

Advanced Imaging Solutions is the answer to your paper filing system with our state-of-the-art document imaging services and document management solutions! Advanced Imaging Solutions offers:

  • Information management solutions to meet accessibility, recoverability, and legality needs
  • Storage solutions to meet accessibility, recoverability, and legality needs
  • A full line of digital scanners, such as Canon Scanners
  • Document imaging software
  • Workflow software like Datafiche
  • Integration services
  • Micrographics
  • Document and media conversion with our in-house service bureau.
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Click here to learn how document imaging and enterprise content management can save your business time, money, and resources. Click here to learn more about Advanced Imaging Solutions’ full-service scanning options and our IT services! Click here to learn more about Datafiche, our robust enterprise content management solution.

How much money can digital records management save you?

Paper filing is a costly process. Document imaging can help.

Document imaging saves you money!

$6,200/year - the average cost to fill and maintain a single 4 drawer file cabinet (including average cost of floor space)

Document imaging saves you money!$2,524/year - the cost for a typical worker spending an average of 150 hours per year looking for lost documents (employee earning $35,000/year)

Document imaging saves you money!$78,000/year – the cost to file 200 important paper documents daily (200 documents x 6 minutes each to file = 1,200 minutes daily / 60 minutes per hour = 20 hours x $15 per hour (including SS and benefits) = $300 per day x 260 days a year = $78,000 per year!)

Without considering the cost of litigation, this is a best-case scenario, one in which we assume that the desired document is always located. However, in a paper-based filing system, documents often cannot be found. According to a study by Coopers & Lybrand, one out of every ten documents is a problem, sitting on someone’s desk, misfiled, removed from the office, or simply requires more time to find.

Advanced Imaging Solutions VAR Opportunities

Advanced Imaging Solutions is seeking value-added resellers across the U.S. and internationally.

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